Planning For When (not if) Disaster Strikes

March 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

The first thing I tell my students about deadlines is that disaster will strike.


Meeting deadlines takes preparation for future set backs. Plan to get dumped, the flu, and for your dog to eat your homework all on the same day that your assignment is due. I may be exaggerating (slightly), but I DO envy people who show up to work or class well-rested, showered, and put-together because they planned ahead.

I’ve used a Moleskin “weekly” planner for 4 years. I like the way  it gives you a full lined page for “lists” and notes beside each week. Before that I used a Blueline “monthly” calendar-style planner–it’s sometimes nice to visualize the whole month in advance. I’ve tried iCal synced to all my Apple devices, but I found it time consuming and the pre-formatting too limiting (outweighing all of its sexy features). Did you know Moleskin has gone digital?

For me organization is visual and has to be flexible. Think of how your planning has evolved and what tools you use to mitigate disaster.

Happy planning.


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