Welcome to Home Room

March 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

It was the first class of the day. You would show up and mostly chat with your friends, while your poor teacher tried to instill you with some of the basics for surviving the ‘real world’.


Home room was filled with scare tactics and myths teachers liked to tell. For example, that you can’t write in pencil, and only cursive writing is acceptable once you reach university (now relatively useless advice thanks to my iPad). We also watched a lot of historically inaccurate movies about history in home room, some of us did next period’s homework in home room, and those of us who hated mornings did a lot of napping in home room.

I want to re-live home room for obvious reasons.

But what about all of the invaluable things you did learn in home room? I think we all could be reminded of the simple things we didn’t bother to learn (or simply forgot) while we were there.

If I could, I would send all of my third year university students to my 7th grade home room class with Mrs. Leroux to learn the difference between a comma and a semicolon. But because I can’t, “home room” the blog is for anyone who wants to re-live first period without the braces and bad cafeteria food.



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