Apparently French Canadians Don’t Make Exclamations

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I recently received a French typewriter. According to the original bill of sale, it was purchased by a one James Hess on January 10, 1952 in Montreal. Now, my knowledge of the French language is just enough to recite O Canada and my favourite pizza toppings, and I’m no veteran at using a typewriter…but how come there isn’t an ! on the keyboard? How will I say anything?! It’s probably the universe telling me to cool it with the exclamations. Did you know Woody Allen is still writing a movie/year using a typewriter?!


8 Punctuation Marks That Are Now Extinct

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: ) : ( : O … The ‘Other’ Colon

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Now that emoticons are the most pervasive use of the colon, it’s time to re-introduce the world to that ‘other’ colon.


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Commas Three Ways

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Most of us have been taught to “place the comma where you would naturally take a breath.” I’ve called it “the rule of flow” because most students tell me the reason for placing commas in some places and not others is because “it flows.” Reading aloud is definitely a good test for clarity and “flow” in all writing, but what about when you’re not sure? Here are three common uses for commas:


imageEnclose parenthetic expressions between commas.

Like when suggesting a coffee shop you might say:

The best place to go for coffee, in case you’re ever on the North Shore, is Honey Donuts.

imageUse a comma when using a conjunction (like ‘and’ or ‘but’) to introduce an independent clause (ie. a complete sentence). 

Like after you celebrate your birthday you would say:

I’m getting too old for parties, but it was worth staying up all night long. 

(with a comma because “it was worth staying up all night long” is a complete sentence)

OR you might say:

I’m getting too old for parties and am feeling it today. 

(no common because “am feeling it today” is NOT a complete sentence)


 In a list of 3+, place a comma after each item except for the last (aka. the “Oxford” or “Serial” Comma).

We painted the house white, grey, and pink. 

The Oatmeal explains the semicolon (so I don’t have to)

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Where explaining the mystery of grammar is concerned, few have been more clever than The Oatmeal.


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Which one are you?

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Not a half bad description of some people I know. If punctuation could have personalities, which one best describes you? Once you’ve decided, look up its proper use in a sentence.

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